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We’ve all seen them.

‘Perfect woman with blindingly white teeth smiles at bowl of limp looking salad.’

‘Ethnically and ability diverse group do their RADA trained best to look like they’ve been friends for years.’

And more recently the barrage of ‘Woman outside window touches palms with elderly mother inside.’

Stock photography forms a very common part of our daily wanderings around the web.

When we started More Human I felt, and still do, that our name holds us very accountable to behaving and presenting ourselves in a particular way. So when it came to our branding I had ‘Be More Human’ blaring from my inner megaphone when I made choices about fonts, colours and the fact that we would in no way shape or form be touching stock photography with a barge pole. …


More Human

More Human is a purpose-led business aiming to increase social connection by building tools that help communities flourish.

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